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Dentists in Methuen List Helpful Facts to Save Your Smile from Simple Mistakes


When visiting your dentists in Methuen, we’ll make sure that your smile is the best that it can be with our dental cleanings, exams and x-rays, and other available procedures. But what happens after you leave our office? We know that it’s not always easy to keep up with your oral and dental health, but we want you to try your best! Here are some tips for our patients that they can use to make sure they’re getting the healthiest smile that they can.


Are Lemons Really Helping?

We’re all aware of the biggest dental offenders when it comes to your smile, specifically some popular drinks. Coffee and wine are delicious and enjoyable, but can quickly harm the color of your teeth if you often over-indulge in them. But did you know that lemons and lemonade are just as harmful? Although it may not cause staining, lemons are highly acidic and can weaken your enamel (the protective surface of your teeth) and change the color into a yellow/gray over time.


Overlapped Teeth aren’t Worth All the Stress

Sometimes, patients are worried if all of their teeth aren’t properly aligned, then they’re completely unhealthy, but that’s not the case! This can be strictly a cosmetic issue that can be easily corrected. It’s just important for patients to keep these overlapped areas clean because bacteria can get stuck there and can cause cavities and other dental issues.


If you need some more helpful tips about your smile, don’t hesitate to call your dentists in Methuen to ask questions. You can also call our office to schedule an appointment by reaching us at (978) 683-3343.


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