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Testimonials About Methuen Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Albert Sandler

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I have terrible anxiety about going to the dentist but when I broke a tooth I knew I had no choice. I found Dr. Sandler and reluctantly called. From the first phone call I was made to feel comfortable and like I could get through an appointment. I went in and met Dr. Sandler who assured me I was in control and that nothing was going to hurt. He promised if I felt anything that he would stop. Turns out he was very true to his word. He did an initial thorough exam on my first visit. I then went back for a cleaning which again went very well and then a 3rd visit where I was getting 2 filling. Dr Sandler was kind, caring and very attentive. He paid special attention to my body language knowing my anxiety level was high. I got those fillings and left the office feeling like my teeth can all be fixed. I don't have to live with ugly teeth or constant pain & discomfort. I have another appointment scheduled where I'm getting 4 fillings at the same time. He will fix all of my teeth and give me a smile I am happy to have rather than embarrassed. I can not recommend Dr Sandler enough. I met several other patients who used to feel anxiety about the dentist but under his care no longer do.

- Brenda Rozzi on 12/03/2016

I cannot say enough about my dentist, Dr. Albert Sandler of Methuen, MA.
He's kind, gentle and a perfectionist in his work. He always provides enough time with all his patients. After any procedure, he calls to see how you are doing, even after working all day. I would recommend him to all my family and friends. His entire staff is thorough and very helpful in arranging appointments and answering any questions. Thank you Dr. Albert Sandler and staff.

- Judy Saliba

You are the best dental practice I have ever used. The work you do is without a doubt is the most professional at a fair price to the patient. As always I will continue to recommend you to my friends. You and your staff are the most personable people I have ever met and always remember what is happening in our lives as well as with our dental health. Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, the staff and their families.

- Linda Cormier

I became a patient of Dr. Sandler in 2003 when I realized I could no longer put off seeing a dentist even though my fear and anxiety had kept me from taking care of my detiorating periodontal and dental issues for many years.
His caring and professional staff assured me I would be treated with the utmost T.L.C.
After many, many visits and many problems resolved I can say I am absolutely delighted with the results.
Over the years people have complimented me on how lovely my smile is which is a true reflection on Dr. Sandler, his staff and their dedication in helping me achieve my goal.

- Pat McCann

You saved the day for my daughter. Not only are you a great dentist, but you are truely a caring, compassionate dentist also! I never had a dentist or doctor that would be available on their day off and care so much. We can't thank you enough!

- The Suzor Family

I am so happy with my smile! Working in a very people- oriented position, I am always smiling. I am so thankful that I am able to smile with confidence. When I tell someone that most of my teeth are crowned, they don't believe they are my natural teeth. What I really appreciate about Methuen dentist, Dr. Albert Sandler is he only does work that's needed.He could have easily recommended that I crown all my teeth but instead only worked on those that required it.
Dr. Sandler demands perfection of himself and takes time to explain what he's doing as he does it. This work ethic carries over to his staff members who also help to make all patients feel welcome and comfortable. I recommend Dr. Sandler and his Methuen dentist practice whenever possible.

- Sherri Vento

Dr Sandler in Methuen is the best dentist I have ever had! I've been a patient for about 10 years and he has done perfect wonders on my teeth by replacing all my old metal fillings with new white fillings. I am continually getting compliments on my teeth and I owe it all to Dr. Sandler. I can honestly say that I look forward to going to the dentist because I know that he has my best interest as a patient.
Gay is a wonderful hygienist who I have to commend as well! She does a thorough job in cleaning my teeth, and is a pleasure to see.
PS I don't usually comment unless the comment is well deserved, and it is for both Dr. Sandler and Gay!

- Michelle

I have been a patient of Dr. Albert Sandler in Methen, MA for 9 years. He has brought my mouth from a set of teeth, yellow in color, filled and refilled over the years to a mouth with beautiful caps and more natural white coloration suited to me. Dr. Sandler has been caring, compassionate, serious with a great sense of humor and last but not least a perfectionist. I'm serious about my dental health and he has done everything he can to help me achieve that. Dr Sandler and his wife, Dr Sarah Finne, even came in to the office in Methuen, MA on a Saturday afternoon after a social event to fix my" dental emergency". Who else would do that! I thank Dr. Albert Sandler and my hygienist,Gay for helping me to keep my mouth and smile happy and healthy.

- Marie Garceau, R.N.

I have been a patient of Dr Albert Sandler in Methuen for over 20 years. First I can certainly vouch for his competency. In all the years he has been my dentist, I have never had any complaints or problems with any of the extensive work Dr Sandler has done on my teeth. Dr Sandler has been able to minimize loss of teeth through his skillfull treatment. And on several occasions he has gone well beyond the norm to take care of my dental emergencies. The last was just a recent trip overseas. I developed a toothache. He made time to see me within a few hours of my call. Dr Sandler determined that I would need an impacted, abcessed tooth removed by an oral surgeon and he was able to get me an appointment the next day. Then, when I had problems with my recovery, Dr Sandler again made time to see me just hours before my flight abroad and came up with an effective treatment plan to minimize my discomfort during my prolonged plane ride. He contacted me during my trip to make sure my recovery was proceeding normally.
Dr Sandler is a true professional with a gentle touch and a big heart that goes well beyond the standard dental care norm.

- Alan Pransky

For the past 12 years , Dr Albert Sandler in Methuen has been my dentist. Through cleanings, fillings, crowns and more, I have never had a cause to complain. Everything was explained and my concerns were addressed. He even calls after a procedure to make sure I am okay. Dr Sandler lives up to his reputation of gentle dentistry. No one better!

- Rabbi Louis Rieser

Dr. Albert Sandler in Methuen has been my dentist for a handful of years and I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. If you care about having the ‘best care’ for your teeth—he is your man. Dr Albert Sandler has helped me overcome issues that surfaced from work I had done in the past with other Dentists.. Dr. Sandler is very personable and takes the time to help patients understand exactly what the issue is and in simple terms conveys his recommendation to correct it. Any work I’ve had done with Methuen dentist, Dr. Sandler has been rock solid. One of the most surprising things about Dr. Sandler is that he takes the time to call you personally the day after he performs a procedure. In my experience, this is highly unusual but another sign of the person (and Dentist!) he is.

- Monica Baker

To say that I was apprehensive about having three wisdom teeth extracted would be an understatement. Nearing the age of sixty, my idea of dental health included keeping all of my natural teeth. Over the course of several years, Dr. Albert Sandler and his staff in Methuen MA used my regularly scheduled maintenance visits to patiently explain that my wisdom teeth would eventually interfere with the cleaning of my molars and would cause the other molars to decay. I understood the need to have the teeth extracted as I saw for myself how difficult it was to perform this daily cleaning. I was not a stranger to dental procedures as I have had my share of fillings, cleanings and root canals, however the thought of extractions caused me anxiety. During one of my regular maintenance visits, Dr. Sandler broached the subject of conscious sedation. As I understood the procedure, I would be conscious and alert during the dental procedure, however the sedation would lessen or eliminate the accompanying anxiety. I decided to give it a try. I booked the appointment and was given two pills that would provide the sedation. The night before the procedure, I took one pill. The morning of the procedure, I took the second pill. I arrived at Dr. Albert Sandler’s office the morning of the procedure feeling relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Sandler removed the three wisdom teeth. I can honestly say that although physically I felt no different, the conscious sedation eliminated my stress and anxiety over the extractions. It is my opinion that conscious sedation in dentistry will allow even the most anxious patient a comfortable and stress free experience.

- Dennis J. Wlodyka

My wife and I have been going to Dr Albert Sandler in Methuen, MA for at least 10 years. He has been hands down the best dentist I have had the good fortune to experience since childhood. Besides being a compassionate person he will take the time to discuss any situations and treatments so you have a better understanding of any issue. The office staff is top notch and the comfort level is better than any office I experienced in the 30+ years as an adult going to the dentist.
When I first started routine visits, I had issues from neglect. Dr Sandler took me thru the process with his excellent staff and I will always be grateful for the excellent treatment my wife and I received for many years to come.

- Richard Tankel

Dear Dr. Sandler and Staff,
I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the care, patience and time taken with my recent dental treatment.
Your soothing words and manner have helped me understand about my much needed attention to my teeth and to keep my appointments.
I look forward to remaining a patient for many years to come.

- Lue San Antonio

I have been a patient of Dr Albert Sandler in Methuen for the last 20 years. Over the years he has removed all of my old silver mercury fillings and replaced them with white fillings. Not only do they look great, but I have never had an issue with any discomfort or with my bite. Dr Sandler has consistently provided me the highest level of care, and the quality of his work is excellent. Additionally, since I have always had a fear of dental work, he has been great at relaxing me and making sure the anesthetic is working before he begins any procedure. Dr Sandler is a fabulous dentist and I strongly recommend him for both adults and children. Larry Benson

PS. Look at my ski pictures for verification that Dr. Sandlers work holds up under pressure!

- Larry Benson

Dear Dr. Sandler, assistants, and staff
I want to thank you for being so understanding and helping me in a time of need. You and your staff where so professional and did everything to help me. I broke off my font tooth, and while I was at your office you called other patients to reschedule them, so that you could work on my issue. Then you worked on me for almost three hours to repair the broken tooth. You went above and beyond what anyone else would have done. I wanted to be able to thank you and your staff for helping me and fixing my tooth that day. You will always be my dentist and friend. You did the whole job, root canal, xrays, Post and Core and a crown. And you did it all right then and there. I did not need to come back. That was just magnificent and wonderful, and to me that was amazing. You did an excellent and fine job. I would highly recommend you and your staff. You have done the impossible, and I can't thank you enough.
As one of your patients, I believe that you are an extremely rare individual in today's world. I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude,and I am beyond grateful that your staff is so professional and top quality. From a very satisfied Patient.

- Fred Bertelsen