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Information on Methuen Oral Conscious Sedation

There are many individuals who want a healthy mouth but are fearful of receiving treatment. Over 100 million Americans  avoid seeing a dentist because of these fears. Don't let fear keep you from having a healthy, happy smile. Oral conscious sedation dentistry will decrease ones anxieties, easing those fears before and during treatment with just a simple pill. You will experience a heightened state of comfort and relaxation with the added benefit of enjoying some mild  to moderate amnesia of your dental experience the following day. As a member of Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS), Dr Sandler and his staff are highly trained in the latest techniques to provide a safe and pleasant experience. The office of Methuen,MA dentist, Dr Albert Sandler will  treat you with gentle, compassionate kindness. Please read about our patient's experiences:

See how Your Methuen MA Dentist can Help Fight Your Fears with Sedation

"To say that I was apprehensive about having three wisdom teeth extracted would be an understatement. Nearing the age of sixty, my idea of dental health included keeping all of my natural teeth. Over the course of several years, Dr. Albert Sandler and his staff in Methuen MA used my regularly scheduled maintenance visits to patiently explain that my wisdom teeth would eventually interfere with the cleaning of my molars and would cause the other molars to decay. I understood the need to have the teeth extracted as I saw for myself how difficult it was to perform this daily cleaning. I was not a stranger to dental procedures as I have had my share of fillings, cleanings and root canals, however the thought of extractions caused me anxiety. During one of my regular maintenance visits, Dr. Sandler broached the subject of conscious sedation. As I understood the procedure, I would be conscious and alert during the dental procedure, however the sedation would lessen or eliminate the accompanying anxiety. I decided to give it a try. I booked the appointment and was given two pills that would provide the sedation. The night before the procedure, I took one pill. The morning of the procedure, I took the second pill. I arrived at Dr. Albert Sandler’s office the morning of the procedure feeling relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Sandler removed the three wisdom teeth. I can honestly say that although physically I felt no different, the conscious sedation eliminated my stress and anxiety over the extractions. It is my opinion that conscious sedation in dentistry will allow even the most anxious patient a comfortable and stress free experience. "
                                                              - Dennis J. Wlodyka

"I’m not a fan of dentists, mainly because of my dental anxiety. I had come across Dr. Chandler after having spent considerable time reviewing and calling a number of dentists that offer sedation dentistry. His reviews were positive and from actual people. I state this I pay close attention to reviews based on this criteria, while trying to avoid those reviews for which its a first (there are a lot of fake reviews out there). I lucked out and plan on seeing his office for years to come! My visit has been the most pleasant I’ve had in years. Both he and his staff are friendly, responsive, attentive and accommodating. I highly recommend him to anyone who suffers from dental anxiety and/or anyone who’s in need of a dentist. "

-Angel Soto