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Dentist Methuen Addressing root canal treatment concerns

Dentist in Methuen area offers Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal is another dental concern that has been bugging the millennials. When a tooth infection has already reached the roots of the tooth, a root canal surgery might be needed. However, not all people are well acquainted with this procedure; hence, they neglect the problem. It is only when the infection worsens and unbearable that most people seek professional help.


Because of the increasing concern about root canal operations, we discuss some of the vital concerns that you might have about it.


1.    Is root canal necessary?

Yes, a root canal is necessary if the infection already reaches the root of the tooth. The root of the tooth contains the pulp, and the pulp is where the nerves and vessels of the tooth are located. The pulp is what keeps the tooth alive, so if it the gets infected and left untreated, this might cause the tooth to decay and eventually rot.


2.    How does the procedure save the tooth?

The procedure will not only save you from severe pain, but it will also keep your tooth alive. If you care so much about the appearance of your tooth, you should feel the same to the inside of your tooth. A tooth canal or endodontic operation treats the inflammation or infection deep down to the pulp area. This procedure will keep your tooth alive and prevent further tooth loss.


3.    How painful is the operation?

One very common misconception about root canal procedure is the high level of pain you feel. The dentist will use a local anesthetic to ease the pain and make the surrounding area numb, so in reality, you will not feel a thing at all. If the fear of extreme pain is what stopping you from having this procedure, then you have nothing to worry about.


4.    What do I have to do after the procedure?

In most cases, the dentist will prescribe a medication for you to take. Strictly follow the dentist prescription to avoid complications. Also, avoid lifting heavy objects as it might increase the stress and strain the healing tissues.