Dentist Methuen Are You Feeling Sensitive?

Dentists in Methuen on Stopping Sensitivity

Your dentists in Methuen want to know- are you feeling sensitive? And no, not necessarily the type of sensitive you can get while reading an Elizabeth Gilbert book…but sensitive like you just had a swig of coffee and now your teeth are throbbing-sensitive.


It seems like every day your dentists in Methuen treat patients who suffer from sensitive teeth pain, which can usually be linked back to a lifetime of eating and drinking sugary or acidic items. It is from the years of this acid and sugar exposure that the enamel, protective layer, of our teeth can begin to erode. Once it erodes, microscopic holes can form in the teeth that can make their way all the way to the center- where the nerve lies. It is then when the nerve comes into contact with any external stimuli, say like a sip of coffee or a cold soda that it can begin to throb and ache uncontrollably


Of course, those who suffer regularly with sensitive teeth know that the in-store products only offer a certain amount of temporary relief and that drinks and foods aren’t the only triggers of pain either. What about brushing the teeth too vigorously? Or using teeth whitening products? All of these, plus a bunch more items and habits you can refrain from when your teeth are sensitive can be reviewed by clicking here.


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