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Dentists in Methuen on Teeth Grinding

While most of us may grind our teeth at the sound of car brakes squealing or nails on a chalkboard, close to ten percent of the world’s population engage in this behavior habitually, and often times unknowingly. Chronic teeth grinding is also known as Bruxism, and your dentists in Methuen have and will treat many patients who suffer from this serious condition. Today we have gathered some information on the signs, results, and preventative measures that can be taken for a patient to battle bruxism.


The primary cause of teeth, grinding is stress. Just as we suck our thumbs as we are children to relieve stress and soothe ourselves to sleep, teeth grinding can work much in the same way. Patients suffering from bruxism have been known to carry out this behavior especially while sleeping, as a means of wearing away the stresses of their day subconsciously.


Symptoms may be apparent first to someone close to you, who knows your sleeping pattern and habits better than maybe you do. Perhaps the significant other that can no longer sleep because of your grinding at night can make you purvey to the idea of your habit. If this is not possible, one of the biggest signs you can identify yourself is a noticeable diminishing of the teeth as a whole and of the chewing surface. Couple this with new “pop” or “crack” sounds your jaw may make when you open your mouth, and you should set an appointment with your dentists in Methuen as soon as possible.


If a treatment goes unsought, bruxism can negatively impact your mouth in big ways. Teeth have the ability to crack or loosen to the point of falling out. The enamel can become damaged and allow cavities or decay to develop quicker than ever before. Even due to the amount of pressure you are applying, permanent damage to the muscles and structure of the jaw and surrounding facial regions can be a result.


To help cope with or defend against the damage of bruxism, nighttime mouth guards are often custom made for and worn by patients. There are also other forms of mouth “therapy” available to re-train the jaw from its habit, and even help relieve stresses causing the initial grinding.


If you believe you may be suffering at the hands of bruxism and chronic teeth grinding, call your dentists in Methuen at (978) 683-3343 to schedule an appointment today!


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