Dentist Methuen Cavity Fighting Candy

Dentists in Methuen On a Sweet Anomaly

Your dentists in Methuen are here to tell you today how all candy is NOT created equal. Sure, what post people think of is a sugary, sticky mess- but there is now candy that can benefit your mouth on the market! And while most patients will recognize that even that candy can be skipped if you brush, floss and eat healthy- we all have the need to feed our sweet teeth every once and a while.


So how is mouth-healthy candy possible? It all comes down to licorice root. And no, not the red dyed licorice you get in a rope at the movie theaters. Real, authentic licorice root has been chewed on for years by civilizations to help improve oral health- and definitely still holds a place in dental hygiene today!


A new company has created a candy called “LOLOZ,” which are sugar-free, licorice root full lollipops that improve oral health if used in a regimen. How do they do this? Licorice root can change the environment of the mouth- making it harder for the bacteria that causes cavities to survive. Follow the directions provided on the packaging of when and where to indulge in these pops and your mouth could be fewer bacteria and cavities as a result.


Find out more about how these candies work and where to get them here: More at Dentalbuzz.


No matter what candy you do or do not put in your mouth, regular appointments with your dentists in Methuen are needed to keep up the health of your smile. Call our office today to schedule at (978) 683-3343.


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