Dentist Methuen Common Dental Myths

One of the Best Dentists in Methuen Bring Facts to Fiction


Everyone knows a certain old, home remedy or has heard a helpful, word of mouth myth that they’ve used to cure an illness or relieve pain. Here, one of the best dentists in Methuen, Dr.  Sandler, wants to help break these myths to ensure proper dental care for you. Maybe you can pass these to your family and friends to rid of all the other false tips!


Diet Soda isn’t Much Better for You
The acidity within your diet soda is still doing as much damage as a regular soda would be. It weakens your teeth and breaks down the minerals protecting them. If you don’t want to stop drinking diet soda, a better solution is to drink water after each soda that you have, or you can rinse your mouth out with water to rid of the bacteria.


Don’t Stop Brushing if there’s Blood
It can be a little scary to see blood when you’re brushing your teeth, but this can result from a number of things. If you’re brushing your teeth and gums too hard, you could be aggravating your sensitive mouth and causing cuts. Another reason could be because there are food particles that are stuck in between your teeth that are harming your gums and making them bleed. When you brush, do it gently and take your time to get all of the food out, and don’t forget to floss.


Crushed Aspirin is Harmful
This is an old myth that people have used in the past, and maybe even today, but that will only make the pain worse. The chemicals within aspirin are supposed to be broken down through digestion, so putting them directly on your teeth is going to be extremely painful. Your teeth and gums are far too sensitive to handle the chemicals, so it has the ability to cause sores in and around your mouth.


If there are any other dental myths you know and want to see if there’s any truth to them, call Dr. Sandler, one of the best dentists in Methuen, at this number (978) 683-3343 or click here to schedule a consultation!


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