Dentist Methuen Crowns and Bridges Explained

Methuen area patients ask their dentist about crowns and bridges


There are many restorations commonly used in the practice of Dr. Albert J. Sandler, DMD to restore function, beauty, and health to the smile. Two of the most utilized repairs are the dental crown and the dental bridge.


Dental Crown

A dental crown is a restoration that Methuen area dentists can use to repair a smile after trauma or oral surgery. Dental crowns may cover a tooth that has had a large cavity, root canal therapy, or that has been broken and requires either a repair or extraction. A dental crown is like a cap that fits over the tooth and is bonded in place to provide another layer of protection to maintain the natural tooth structure underneath. Dental crowns are also used in fabricating dental bridges and in restoring dental implants to replace a single tooth.


Dental Bridge

A bridge is an alternative to dental implants and dentures. A bridge’s primary goal is to replace a single tooth (or several teeth in a row). The bridge utilizes the surrounding teeth to hold it in place and allow a false tooth called a pontic to “bridge the gap.” Bridges are more permanent than a partial denture but less expensive than a dental implant. It’s a wonderful middle-of-the-road solution for patients and is often covered in part by dental insurance when patients have appropriate coverage.


Both dental crowns and bridges are used in the practice of Dr. Albert J. Sandler, DMD. These restorations are made of high-quality porcelain, a material that is best at mimicking the appearance of natural tooth enamel while remaining strong and durable. When patients maintain their smile with appropriate oral health care, they are often able to enjoy their restorations for many, many years. Appointments made every six months for an examination and x-rays is crucial to the health and wellness of the smile as well as ensuring crowns and bridges are in place and doing their job!


If you live in the area of Methuen, MA and want to speak with a professional dentist regarding the advantages of using crowns and bridges in the smile, contact Dr. Albert J. Sandler, DMD today by calling (978) 693-3343 to make an appointment.


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