Dentist Methuen Dental Benefits of Water

Methuen MA Dentist Explains Why Water is Your Best Beverage Choice


There’s a reason that water is your best option! Although there are drinks that people use to give them more energy during their workout regimen, there’s nothing that hydrates you more than water. But there’s more to drinking water than just your physical health—it’s extremely beneficial to your dental health, too! Your Methuen MA dentist provides reasons why drinking water is helpful for your teeth.


The main reason that water benefits your teeth is because it triggers your saliva flow. The reason for saliva flow is because there are protective minerals that coat your teeth, but these are broken down and destroyed after you eat and drink something particularly acidic or sugary. When your saliva remineralizes, it’s able to coat your teeth and protect them once more. Water helps this process, triggering your saliva flow and letting the process begin.


Drinking water also helps prevent dry mouth because of the saliva flow. If you’re suffering from dry mouth for an extended period of time, you could experience tooth decay and even tooth loss. Just something as simple as sipping on water throughout the day can rid of your dry mouth and lessens your chances of other dental issues.


Many areas of the world have fluoride in their water supply, which is known for fighting against cavities. Fluoride is naturally found in many foods and water, and since there’s only a small amount of fluoride in it, it’s safe to consume as it fights against the possibility of tooth decay. Large amounts of fluoride are very harmful to your dental health, so make sure to check to see the level of fluoride that’s in your town’s water supply.


Something as simple as water can benefit your health in so many ways! Just substituting your drinks like coffees, sodas, and juices with water will not only save your body but your smile, as well. Contact your Methuen MA dentist by calling our office at (978) 683-3343 or clicking here to request an appointment online today.


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