Dentist Methuen Dental Bridges to the Rescue

Dentists in Methuen on Bridging the Gap

Your dentists in Methuen often treat patients who are missing teeth as a result of accidents, age, disease and other circumstances. Luckily for those specific patients, our office offers a wide range of options that help battle against the potential damage a missing tooth can cause. From uneven bites and other teeth shifting, to increased stress and loss of structure- a missing tooth can be a big issue for such a small piece of a larger puzzle. Today we will be discussing how many patients with missing teeth turn to an appliance called a dental bridge to help solve their problem.


The first reason patients seem to enjoy bridges is due to their natural appearance, compared to having a hole in between your teeth. By using dental crowns, natural looking false teeth, to not only fill in the gap, but to also be anchors for the surrounding teeth- appearance and strength of teeth can be heightened greatly.


Bridges are also not removable, compared to appliances like dentures, so there is no worry about losing or dropping and breaking the appliances. You will have some specific cleaning instructions for your bridge that differ from your regular teeth in some instances, but it is typically nothing too strenuous.


Lastly, the relatively quick nature that a bridge can be installed in, and it’s less invasive nature is a big plus for patients. In (usually) two simple appointments, your bridge and the surrounding crowns can be placed successfully by your dentists in Methuen. The first appointment is usually to take impressions and scans to be sent to the lab, with the follow-up being the actual placement. This process, from start to finish, is much quicker compared to dental implants- which, including healing time, can take up to half a year.


If you feel a dental bridge may be the ultimate solution to your tooth loss issue, be in touch with your dentists in Methuen today by calling (978) 683-3343 today.


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