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Methuen MA Dentist Has Tips to Maintain Your Oral Health at All Times


Brushing your teeth in the morning after you wake up and at night before you go to bed is certainly a way to keep your oral health in-tact, but sometimes that may not always be enough. When you’re out for the day and have eaten a particularly smell-lingering meal, or if you’ve had an extra glass or wine and are worried about your teeth staining, then sometimes you’re unable to brush your teeth afterwards to retrieve that freshness once more. Your Methuen MA Dentist wants you to have these tips so you’re able to keep fresh breath and bright smile on the go!


One of the easiest solutions to keeping your mouth clean is to drink water after each meal! The water is able to rinse out any of the lingering, loose food particles and wash away the bacteria. The fluoridated water helps reconstruct the minerals that protect the surface of your teeth and your tooth enamel.


There are multiple kinds of travel sized toothpastes, brushes, and floss containers that you can leave in your car, bag, or other convenient locations during your travels. You’ll be able to keep up that fresh feeling after you eat or drink something. Sugar-free gum is very beneficial, not only helping your breath if your lunch smell is lingering, but it also stimulates your saliva so you’re able to continue protecting your teeth. Ask your dentist about other travel sized products that you can carry around.


Minimizing the amount that you snack during the day in between meals will enhance your dental health. There’s a majority of snacks that aren’t healthy for you, like small bags of chips or tiny bars of chocolates. The more that you snack on sugary or salty treats, the more likely you are to building up the plaque and bacteria in your mouth. While rinsing your mouth with water is helpful, it’s not going to improve your oral health. If you’re interested in snacking, snack smart with fruits and vegetables and even cheese to keep your teeth decay-free!


If you’re interested in learning more ways to protect your teeth when you’re on the go, contact your Methuen MA Dentist by calling this number (978) 683-3343 today!


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