Dentist Methuen Dental Implant Terms

Methuen Dentist Helps Familiarize Patients with Dental Implant Terms

If you’ve been considering dental implants to improve your smile, you are likely going to hear some terms that don’t make sense. This handy guide compiled by our Methuen dentist will serve as a way to decode some of the dental implant terminologies so you can have a better understanding of what is happening to your mouth.
This connector is used by Dr. Sandler to attach to the dental implant. It is responsible for holding the tooth, bridge or crown in place.
Abutment Teeth
These are the teeth that support a partial denture or bridge. 
This material is used in the composition of dental implants. It is made from clay and then hardened by heat. It tends to offer a more natural look compared to titanium. 
Also called a cap, this fits over your existing teeth to replace damaged or decayed areas.
Endosteal Implant
This commonly used implant involves small screws, blades, plates or cylinders installed in the jawbone during a surgical procedure. Each one of these implants holds one tooth.
Eposteal Implant
This type of implant rests on the jawbone and isn’t commonly used. You’ll find it typically offered when advanced bone resorption risk is high in the patient.
This fixture works with the jawbone to support a prosthesis. Most last for the lifetime of a patient. They are more comfortable and natural looking when compared to dentures.
This is the process which fuses the implant with your bone which improves the overall strength.
Subperiosteal Implant
This sits on the jaw while the posts come through the gumline to hold a tooth in place. It is used when patients feature minimal bone height or cannot wear conventional dentures.
This material makes up most modern implants. It is rare to be allergic to titanium and it is lightweight.
For those that are allergic to titanium, this option makes for great implant material as well.
If you are curious about the terminology used with dental implants or you are thinking about having implants done in your mouth, it is time to speak with our Methuen dentist. Together, you can create that beautiful smile you’ve dreamt of. Call (978) 683-3343 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sandler today.