Dentists in Methuen | Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?
Dentist Methuen Do You Need an Extraction?

Dentists may need to extract teeth for patients in the Methuen area


Dr. Albert J. Sandler of Methuen, MA is a dentist in the community who is devoted to getting patients the care they need for their smiles. This may include general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions. His practice also provides oral surgeries which may include extractions.


Extractions are the permanent removal of natural teeth. There are several reasons why this may be suggested. The first is a tooth that has become too diseased or infected to save with procedures such as root canal therapy. Removal may be the only option to eliminate pain and discomfort and bring the smile back to health. Second is the removal of the third molars, also known as the wisdom teeth. These may become problematic for many patients and it may be advantageous for patients to have them fully removed. Third, teeth may be extracted to prepare the smile for orthodontic treatment. This is especially true for patients struggling with overcrowding of the teeth within the dental arch. By removing teeth, the dentist can make room for realigning the remaining teeth for a healthier, more attractive smile.


The dentists in the community of Methuen provide a selection of quality, comprehensive dental services including extractions. These may include surgical extractions, which remove teeth underneath the gum line, or simple extractions, which is the removal of the teeth that have already come through the gum tissue. Both are completed right here in our dental practice for patients of all ages.


The first step is booking an examination and consultation appointment with our team. During this visit, patients can discuss their oral health concerns and determine if extraction of one or more permanent teeth is the best solution. For some patients, it may be beneficial, while others may have alternative options to consider for better health and wellness. This is a great time to speak with a professional about what may be the most advantageous treatment.


Albert J. Sandler and his dental team are here to help patients located in and around the community of Methuen, MA. His staff can be contacted with a phone call to (978) 683-3343 to book a consultation appointment.