Dentist Methuen Don't Ignore Bad Breath

Dentist in Methuen Doesn’t Want Patients to Turn their Back on Bad Breath


No one is unfamiliar with having bad breath, whether it’s after a particular heavy meal with a lot of garlic and onions or the lingering coffee smell that’s stuck on your tongue. While a quick rinse and a brush may get rid of your bad breath temporarily, it’s important to know that bad breath can be an extremely damaging oral health problem. Learn more about bad breath, or halitosis, from your dentist in Methuen and how to properly take care of it.


When you think about bad breath and how to avoid it, the first thing that comes into mind should be your diet. There are some foods that have a particularly strong odor, much like onions and garlic that like to stick around for much longer than people would prefer. These foods are being broken down in your mouth and sticking to your tongue, gums and teeth. On top of that, once these foods are broken down, they are being digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. Eventually, they are carried to your lungs and given off in your breath. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are certainly helpful and may temporarily get rid of your breath, the food needs to completely pass through your body to get rid of the smell.


If your daily dental routine isn’t exactly up to par, this can also contribute to your bad breath. It’s easy to have bad breath if you’re not brushing and flossing twice daily because you’re allowing the bacteria from your foods and drinks to linger and never be properly cleaned out. While the bacteria lingers, it can also begin to grow between your teeth, on your tongue, and around your gums. The only way to avoid this from occurring is to keep up with your oral hygiene! Dedicating 5 minutes in the morning and night won’t make or break your day, we promise!


When bad breath pursues and becomes dangerous, it turns into halitosis, which is its medical term. Halitosis is due to extremely poor oral hygiene and results in severe dental problems. Periodontitis is one of the diseases that can arise if a patient is suffering from halitosis, where your gums can become inflamed, swollen, tender, bleeding, and may cause your teeth to loosen and fall out.


Bad breath is a simple issue that can turn bad if you ignore your brushing and flossing routine. Contact your dentist in Methuen if you’re experiencing issues with your breath by calling this number (978) 683-3343 or clicking here to request an appointment today.


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