Dentist Methuen Fight Your Fears with Sedation

Let Your Dentists in Methuen Use Oral Sedation to Battle Against Your Dental Anxiety


Here at our office, your dentists in Methuen understand that scheduling a visit can be stressful and cause a lot of anxiety and fear. Because of this, a number of patients will cancel their appointments and refuse to go and their oral and dental health can suffer. Thankfully, we have an option for our patients who fear any sort of treatment; oral conscious sedation has given people the opportunity to take care of their teeth without having to deal with excess worry and stress.


Sedation dentistry uses medication to help a patient relax while they’re sitting in the dentist’s chair. Because they fear their visit, many patients aren’t able to sit still, open their mouth wide enough, or even stand to know that there are sharp instruments nearby without being scared or afraid. With the help of oral conscious sedation, sometimes also known as “sleep dentistry,” patients have the ability to completely relax and let their dentists do the necessary work and protect each and every tooth!


There are a few different options of sedation dentistry, although our office only uses one that we believe benefits our patients the most. Here are some types of sedation:


· Nitrous Oxide: Also known as “laughing gas,” your dentist administers nitrous oxide combined with oxygen with a mask placed over your nose. When inhaled, the gas flows through and helps you relax. Your dentist monitors the amount of sedation that you receive and the gas wears off quickly. You’ll also be able to drive yourself home safely after your procedure!

· Oral Sedation: Our available option is oral sedation, where we administer a pill for the patient that’s taken about an hour before the appointment. It relaxes your body, makes you a bit drowsy, and you may very well fall asleep during the procedure, but still have full control of your body and can easily be woken up with an easy shake to your shoulder. Depending on your anxiety, you’ll be provided with the proper dose.

· IV Sedation: This sedation option works faster than the other ones since it’s administered through a vein. Your dentist will monitor and continually adjust the level of sedation during the treatment.


Learn more about how our oral sedation option can fight your fears and anxiety with the help of your Methuen MA dentist by calling our office today at (978) 683-3343.