Dentist Methuen Flossing Properly

Dentists in Methuen on Flossing Technique

The importance of flossing can never be overstated. Although flossing is often seen as the more “difficult” or “time consuming” half of the at-home oral health regimen, it is every bit as important as brushing can be. And while, on average, only about 50% of the patients of your dentists in Methuen claim to floss daily- we hope we can get that number up by giving you a little bit more information on it.


By not flossing, you miss cleaning about 40% of your mouth. That’s almost half of your mouth that becomes wide open for decay, gum disease, tooth loss and more to run wild. Not to mention, a lack of flossing has also been connected to whole-body-health issues such as heart disease and diabetes as well! You not only save your smile by flossing, but you can be taking steps to save your own life.


So what are you waiting for? Hop up, grab one of those disposable flossers that are so common now and swipe between the teeth a few times, right? Well, unfortunately, that is not all there is to it. There are timing and technique considerations to be made while flossing, and for that very reason your dentists in Methuen have provided the following list of ADA (American Dental Association) approved Tips for Proper Flossing for you to review today.


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