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01844 Dentist Discusses How Other Daily Factors can Damage Your Smile


Taking care of your smile requires a daily dental routine, on top of having a healthy diet that doesn’t create large amounts of harmful bacteria that linger on your teeth. Avoiding foods and drinks like sodas (including sugar-free ones), candies, and other damaging items is an essential step to protecting your smile. But there are other routines that patients popularly follow that have the ability to harm your teeth, too. Your 01844 dentist is here to list some ways that a patient’s smile may be at risk.


Many patients don’t know that heartburn has the ability to damage your teeth. From drinking particular sodas or sports drinks that are extremely acidic, people can suffer from acid reflux. The acidity from these drinks that are in your digestive system can return to your mouth, which still dissolves your enamel, the protective, hard surface of your teeth.


This is mostly recognized by erosion on the teeth in the back of your mouth. Talk to your doctor about treating your heartburn with prescription medication.


Check out more ways that a person’s smile can be damaged from everyday activities, and contact your 01844 dentist in order to enhance the health of your teeth by calling our office at (978) 683-3343 today.


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