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Methuen Dentist Discusses Wisdom Teeth

As a Methuen dentist, Dr. Sandler has many patients that come in to have their wisdom teeth removed. Many people do not know the function of wisdom teeth. They do not grow in until a person is older and often they are painful.


What are wisdom teeth?


Wisdom teeth are molars that grow in the back of our mouth between the ages of 17 and 25. Many people need to visit their Methuen dentist to have them removed once they grow in. Wisdom teeth can play a vital role in the alignment of your gums. However, if they grow in misaligned they can cause damage.


Do we need our wisdom teeth?


Our wisdom teeth used to be necessary for our ancestors to break down hard and rough foods. Now, however, the modern diet consists of softer foods and wisdom teeth aren’t really needed. That is why people often have them removed by their Methuen dentist—often they are painful and serve no purpose.


Why does it hurt when wisdom teeth grow in?


People often visit their Methuen dentist in pain from their wisdom teeth. The average human jaw and face has decreased throughout the years, and often wisdom teeth to not have enough room to fit properly.


The other molars may be too large or improperly aligned which can also cause wisdom teeth to hurt when they come in. Often times the other molars prevent the wisdom teeth from erupting which can cause severe pain and swelling.


Do you need to get your wisdom teeth removed?


If your wisdom teeth are healthy, functional, and erupt without causing any pain it may not be necessary to have them remove. They are, however, exposed to a number of dental problems. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene by properly brushing and flossing you can avoid those problems.


If you do not have your wisdom teeth removed it is important that you visit your Methuen dentist to keep up with your dental checkups. This will ensure that the wisdom teeth are cavity-free and it will help you to avoid gum disease.


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