Dentists in Methuen | Harmful Summer Dietary Choices
Dentist Methuen Harmful Summer Dietary Choices

Dentists in Methuen on Damaging Lighter Options

Our diets alter not only as our tastes change but sometimes as other outside influences evolve over time. The transition of seasons is definitely not exempt from being one of those influences.


In the winter time, more hearty and heavier options are usually taken in to help you prepare to “hibernate” and keep you warmer. The summer, on the other hand, usually leads to some lighter fare that can help hydrate, be portable and easy to share.


To help battle against some of the harmful dental effects your summertime diet could be causing, today your dentists in Methuen will be looking at some common choices and what you can do to counteract them.


The mercury is rising and all you want is to be out by the water or on your deck with some friends. Sure, a summer BBQ may be the perfect assembly of these desires, but it may not always include the heavy burgers and hot dogs that can be aversive to your bathing suit body.


Lighter options, such as salads, frozen coffees, wines, and ciders are popular choices for parties often- but may have their own sets of mouth troubles. The issue you see in these foods and beverages is the high amounts of acids and sugars which can eventually lead to an erosion of the enamel, and subsequent decay and disease.


What can a patient do to battle these potential dental detriments? Try adding more water to you diet in the summer. Not only can this help keep your body hydrated properly, but it can increase saliva flow and make sure harmful particles do not linger in the mouth for extended amounts of time. If possible, try and use a straw to bypass the teeth with these beverages. Make sure that your brushing and flossing do not take a summer vacation either. Do try and wait at least 45 minutes after eating or drinking a highly acidic or sugary item, though, so that you are not scrubbing these harmful substances “in to” instead of “off of” your teeth.


Lastly, remember that there is no time like summertime to make one of your twice-yearly check-up appointments with your dentists in Methuen. To set up that visit, call our office today at (978) 683-3343.


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