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There are multiple ways to follow a schedule that you keep, whether that includes keeping a planner with you at all times, leaving sticky notes around as reminders, or writing it somewhere that you know you’ll look at every day. But not everyone else is able to work around your schedule, and that includes health care professionals. Dentists in Methuen want to give you advice on keeping up with your appointments instead of skipping or avoiding them.


If you’re someone with a full day that usually doesn’t have much time to spare in between appointments, here are tips to keep you on track and on schedule:


Come Prepared
Whether that means having your updated medical history, bringing in a list of questions and concerns, or others, arriving to your appointment ready with all of the necessities will benefit you. That way, you won’t feel like you forgot to ask anything while you rushed out of the office.


Remember those sticky notes? They’re not just there for the cool colors! It’s easy to forget appointments—especially when you may be dreading them in the first place—so continuously put daily reminders for yourself as to not forget. Also, if you do miss your appointment (or decide to skip it), then you’ve not only wasted your own time, but also your dentist’s time.


Do What’s Convenient for You!
When you call to make your appointment, sometimes the first appointment available isn’t always the best one. Don’t schedule your dental check-up when you’ll be crunched for time during that certain block. That will easily give you that rushed feeling, which causes you to forget to ask or say something for your appointment, and then you won’t feel as satisfied when you leave. If you need to push back the date, don’t be afraid to ask!


Everyone has their own busy schedule to follow, but including your oral health should be a necessity. If you have any questions, contact your dentists in Methuen at (978) 683-3343 to make a consultation today!


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