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Methuen MA Dentist Says if You Protect Your Teeth, then You Protect Your Body!


It’s important to not only take care of your overall health but to consider your dental health, as well. If your oral health is subpar or below, it’ll eventually begin to affect the rest of your body. Understanding the connection between your oral and overall health is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a wonderful smile! Your Methuen MA dentist wants patients to know what can happen if they ignore their oral health.


Considering that a majority of everything your body comes in contact with is first passed through your mouth, your mouth is taking most of the brunt. There’s constantly new bacteria from all of the different foods and drinks you consume throughout each day. If you’re not properly taking care of your teeth by brushing and flossing in the morning and night, you’re allowing your teeth to be attacked by bacteria and acidity.


As your teeth and gums are being attacked by bacteria and acidity, this can cause them to weaken and have a higher chance of tooth decay and periodontitis (gum disease). Tooth decay can eventually lead to tooth loss and gum disease causes inflammation. If your gums are inflamed and you’ve lost teeth, you may be less likely to replace your missing teeth with a procedure like dental implants because your gums aren’t healthy and can’t support the titanium post.


Your oral health can affect or be affected by other diseases, illnesses, and conditions.


· Diabetes: If a patient has diabetes, this means that their body is unable to process and break down sugar properly. People who have diabetes are more likely to suffer from diabetes because they have a harder time controlling their blood sugar levels.

· Osteoporosis: This causes a patient’s bones to become weak and brittle, including the bones around your mouth. Gum disease weakens bone structure and can cause tooth loss.

· Heart disease: A majority of patients who suffer from heart disease also suffer from gum disease because they have several risks in common: smoking cigarettes, excess weight and an unhealthy diet. The inflammation from your gums in your mouth can also cause inflammation in your blood vessels, not allowing the right amount of blood to travel between your heart and the rest of your body.


There are other potential health issues that one could suffer from if their oral health is not properly taken care of. Make an appointment with your Methuen MA dentist by calling our office at (978) 683-3343 or clicking here to request a consultation.


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