Dentist Methuen Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation Methuen

If you are one of the many Americans that battles with dental anxiety, you might consider oral conscious sedation to get you through your next treatment. Dentists care about your comfort which is why there are options available to make your procedures more comfortable. Let’s learn more about oral conscious sedation.
What is Oral Conscious Sedation in Methuen?
When you think about sedation, most people think about getting put to sleep with general anesthesia. This occurs for major surgeries. This isn’t what oral conscious sedation is. 
Instead, the prescription anxiolytic is used, which is an anti-anxiety drug. This sedates your central nervous system so you don’t feel anxious. Your body and mind relax so the treatment can be accomplished without incident.
How Does it Feel?
When dental anxiety occurs, you are left with many questions regarding treatment options. With the various forms of sedation available, it’s natural to wonder what it feels like to experience oral conscious sedation. Basically, you enter into a state of relaxation. The mind that was once filled with fear and busyness is now calm. The patient’s heart rate drops to a regular speed to allow the body to relax. 
In some patients, it’s typical for the body and mind to relax so deeply that they doze off for a few minutes. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.
Throughout the entire process, you are still aware of what is occurring around you. Because of this, you can always express your concerns and questions to the dental staff with ease. You are still entirely in control. 
It’s one of the more popular options when dealing with dental anxiety because of the ability to remain conscious and relaxed at the same time. Of course, there are other options if this doesn’t seem like the best option for you.
If you suffer from dental anxiety, be sure to speak with your dentist prior to any treatments or procedures. Together, you can discuss what’s available and find something that will make your visits more enjoyable. Don’t put off that dental work any longer; there are solutions available for you.