Dentist Methuen Pregnancy & Your Oral Health

Dentists in Methuen Discuss Oral Health During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she will immediately notice her body changing. A pregnant women’s body will go through many changes during the pregnancy. A woman's body will be providing nutrients to the fetus while it is growing and because of this, their body will be shorted of some of the nutrients that the mother is taking in. 
Due to these many changes in the body, it is extremely important to take care of your oral hygiene while pregnant and it is especially important to visit our dentists in Methuen regularly while pregnant to ensure that no problems arise. 
Periodontal Disease
Women who are pregnant need to make sure to take care of their teeth. A very common issue while pregnant is gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease. This disease occurs when bacteria in the mouth causes an infection, which can lead to major problems such as pockets of infection developing beneath the gum line.
This causes damage to the fibers in your gums, which help hold your teeth in place. Also, while pregnant, periodontal disease can affect the unborn child if left untreated. 
Pregnancy Gingivitis 
Another common problem during pregnancy is known as pregnancy gingivitis. It is not as serious as periodontal disease; however, it does need to be taken care of. The increased levels of the pregnancy hormones in the body during a pregnancy can increase the risk of gingivitis and inflammation in the gums. 
Some of the symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis are red and swollen gums, gums that bleed easily when you’re brushing or flossing, and pain in the gums. Pregnancy gingivitis will heal on its own after the child is born, however it’s important to have it treated by your dentists in Methuen as soon as you see any symptoms. 
Pregnancy Granuloma 
Another non-serious pregnancy oral condition is called pregnancy granuloma. It is not life-threatening, but it can be very painful. And, only about two to ten percent of pregnant women experience this. 
Pregnancy granuloma causes modular growths in the mouth. This problem usually happens on the upper gum line. The growths can bleed and eventually end up crusting over, which can make it very painful to eat or speak. 
Dry Mouth 
One of the most common things that a pregnant woman may experience is a dry mouth. The hormonal changes in the body causes the amount of saliva that is produced to decrease. Dry mouth can cause many problems with your teeth such as bad breath, as well as increasing your risk of tooth decay. If you experience persistent dry mouth, be sure to see your dentist as soon as possible. 
Also, be sure to drink plenty of water to help combat dry mouth. Another thing you can do to help dry mouth is to chew sugar-free gum. Chewing gum will help stimulate the production of saliva and will alleviate some of the symptoms related to dry mouth. 
If you're pregnant and haven't visited our office yet, call our dentists in Methuen today at (978) 683-3343 to discuss your dental health during this special time in your life for the best care possible.