Dentist Methuen Prepare For Your Visit

Dentists in Methuen on Appointment Prep

Is your upcoming appointment at Methuen Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Sandler going to be your first with the practice? Maybe you have been on a bit of a “dental hiatus” and it is your first time back in a while. Or maybe it is your first visit to see your dentists in Methuen, ever- period.


Regardless of the scenario, being prepared for your appointment is key! That is why today we have provided some essential appointment preparation tips to take into consideration.


Update Patient History

We often find that when we actually live through something, the significance in telling people we don’t see often can lessen. What we mean is that if you don’t see your dentists in Methuen every day, you may not always remember to mention a new-ish medical occurrence that happened, say, six months ago or so.


You can always swing by our office before your appointment to get a copy of patient history paperwork to fill out, or just be prepared and have medications, operations, updates and related information in order. The more we know about what is going on with you- the better we will be able to treat you.


Get Your Questions Ready

One of the main goals of our office is to never make you feel rushed. Every patient we see is an individual case deserving as much undivided attention as the next.


With that said, patients often may feel rushed or overwhelmed about the amount of information they are receiving about treatments and their care, and forget important things they wanted to mention in the first place.


Try to take some time out before your appointment and make a list, on paper or mentally, of any ailments, questions or concerns you may wish to address to Dr. Sandler so that they do not go unanswered.


Schedule and Stick to It!

Even though this appointment may have just ended- scheduling your next one right away is essential we find. Most patients who do not schedule a next appointment as they are leaving our office either forget to or don’t stick to it. Make your follow-up or next six-month checkup right away and do everything you can to make that date as important as it truly is.


For any questions about your upcoming appointment with your dentists in Methuen, or to actually schedule one- call our office today at (978) 683-3343.


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