Dentist Methuen Regain Your Smile with Implants

Regain Your Smile with Our Methuen Dentist and Our Dental Implants

Teeth. We see them every day. We use them every day. And yet, we may forget just how important these structures are. If you are one of the 30+ percent of adults who has lost a permanent tooth - or several - you are probably aware of the role that your teeth play in your overall quality of life. From chewing to speaking to smiling, our Methuen dentist wants you to know that teeth are necessary fixtures that require more than a simple presence in the mouth. If you have replaced missing teeth with conventional methods like a bridge or dentures, you may know this, as well.


Tooth Replacement: What you Really Need

What is really needed when a tooth or teeth must be replaced is a type of restructuring that mimics what exists naturally. Dentures and bridges cannot do this because they are designed to replace the crown portion of a tooth, not the underlying structure. Until fairly recently, this simply wasn't possible. About fifty years ago, dental technology finally began to catch up with need, and dental implants were developed. Since that time, more and more dentists have learned how to master this technique and help their patients regain full use of their teeth.


Dental implants reinstate the root structure that is needed to stabilize teeth. Patients who replace roots with implants experience a host of benefits. These include:


· Natural structure. It is not enough to give the appearance of a natural tooth. For tooth replacement to hold its value, it also needs to function like a real tooth. Dental implants become encased in the jawbone during the months after insertion. When this happens, the sensation of biting and chewing is restored to such a high extent that many patients can't tell the difference.
· Confidence. We think of the benefit of implant stability as it relates to chewing, but there is much more. When you can eat, speak, laugh, and smile knowing that your teeth are stable, you can feel confident in whatever you do.
· Optimal Health. Tooth replacement isn't solely related to the appearance of the smile or the ability to chew (some) food. When your teeth slip and slide out of place, you may not look forward to your next meal. In fact, there are many people who are in this very predicament, and they limit what they eat due to the discomfort of poor-fitting dentures. The stability of implants lets you eat a variety of foods, and therefore enables you to nourish your body for optimal health.


The consequences of tooth loss can be extreme, but dental implants can keep you from suffering them. Learn more with the help of our Methuen dentist; give our office a call today at (978) 683-3343 and our team will happily assist you.