Dentist Methuen Say 'No' To Nail Biting

Dentists in Methuen Address That Bad Biting Habit

Chomping down on any hardened surface, even on some more “stiff” foods, can be detrimental to the teeth in the long run. Not only can this cause physical damage to the teeth, like fracturing or knocking them loose, but other unseen dangers can exist as well.


The debate over what constitutes a hardened surface is one that can make many scratch their heads though. Where do we draw the line?


Ultimately, how much damage any surface can do to the teeth depends on many factors, including the strength of the teeth. Instead of rattling off a list of surfaces that can hurt your teeth by biting them, today your dentists in Methuen will explore how the “hidden” issues, like bacteria and germs, can harm you from a simple activity: nail biting.


Think about how many surfaces you touch on a daily basis. Shaking hands, opening doors, flushing toilets- and all of those surfaces have millions upon millions of unseen cells on them. By biting your nails you not only put your teeth at risk of chipping but your whole mouth and body at risk of contracting something serious, like E.coli, amongst others.


And we know what you’re thinking right about now, “I wash my hands frequently, use hand sanitizer…” etc. Well, unfortunately, no matter how much you participate in that, you can never really eliminate 100% of bacteria from not only yourself but these surrounding surfaces.


Looking at this issue in the reverse, our mouths and bodies are also places that host their own specific types of germs and bacteria too. By biting your nails, you can be spreading oral bacteria into open sores, say on the cuticle, which shouldn’t be there. For example, a certain strand of HPV that is contained in the mouth could possible spread warts to the fingers and other regions if nail biting commences.


Although it may be a tough habit to break, there are ways to save your teeth and body from harm by putting a stop to your nail biting. Ask your physician or dentists in Methuen for some suggestions at your next appointment.


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