Dentist Methuen Selecting a Brush

Dentists in Methuen on The Right Brush For You

Many of the decisions we make in life can boil down to two simple options:


Yes or no? Heads or Tails? Hamburger or hot dog? Should I stay or should I go?


While these life altering moments and the choices you make in them can not only shape who you are as a person, they can also ultimately impact your health in some way. Today, your dentists in Methuen are here to discuss the decisions you may face about every three to four months- the choice of a new toothbrush. And though the aisle at the pharmacy is full of them, your decision typically can boil down to either an electric or a manual. This blog will analyze the pros and cons of either choice you decide to make.


For years upon years the manual toothbrush has been the at-home teeth cleaning option that a majority patients have gravitated towards. Due to their cheap price tag, ease of portability, and a wide variety of colors and variants- the manual toothbrush has always had the ability to leave the consumer with a bright smile and positive experience. The only sort of “negative” that can related to the usage of the manual toothbrush is the effort and timing factors that go into it. Your dentists in Methuen know that not every patient has the perfect technique and regimen for brushing, but it is nothing to worry about! Ask us to demonstrate if you have any questions concerning your brushing timing or technique at your next office visit, or head to our FAQ page to read more.


If timing and technique could be the flaws in your brushing habits, the electric toothbrush could be the best option for you. Since the 1950s, this popular system has utilized its motorized rotating heads to properly clean the teeth of people all over the world. Many of these brushes even include built-in timers, so that you stay committed to the recommended two minutes, every time. The only downfall to these brushes is that they are more expensive, easier to break, do require a battery or charge and are not as easy to transport necessarily.


So as it turns out, despite the fact that a great handful of years and some significant leaps in technology do separate these two choices, they both can get you a healthy, clean mouth if used properly and regularly.


If you believe your brush may have gotten the better of you, or you have any questions concerning your twice daily brushing habits, do not hesitate to call your dentists in Methuen at (978) 683-3343 today!


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