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Dentist Methuen Snack Tips for Dental Health

Healthy Snacks for Your Smile from Our Dentist in Methuen

When you are feeling hungry, you are faced with many different choices of snack foods. Many of them are sugary and starchy and can actually cause damage to your teeth. Why not opt for cheese instead? This healthy and nutritious snack will also supply lots of dental health benefits. Learn more below from our dentist in Methuen, Dr. Sandler.
What is So Good About Cheese?
Many varieties of cheese are going to make for a healthy snack, not just for your body but also your teeth. There are several factors in cheese that help it to fight against tooth decay.
Casein and whey proteins help to build up the enamel which prevents cavities.
Chewing foods will stimulate saliva production and help to wash away sugars and bacteria from the mouth.
Calcium and phosphorus found in cheese can strengthen bones.
Good Cheese
Not all cheeses are created equally. There are some varieties that will offer you more dental benefits that others. Choose from the following healthier options:
Aged – Cheddar or Monterey Jack
Soft-Ripened – Camembert or Brie
Blue – Roquefort or Gorgonzola
Bad Cheese
When you are making your cheese selections, be sure to avoid the following options as they are not ideal for your teeth.
Pre-packaged cheese dips – These contain processed cheese and generally will not have the same nutritional benefits of healthier cheeses.
Cheese sprays – These are all processed cheeses, with a reduction in nutritional value
American cheese – What many people don’t know is that American cheese is also a processed food. It is made from a blend of milk and fats. 
It isn’t just cheese that is good for your health. There are many foods in the dairy category that should be added to your diet for strong bones and teeth. Consider adding milk and sugar-free yogurts as a way to get the extra calcium your body desires.
When taking care of your oral health, the diet plays a huge role in your well-being. Choosing foods that are healthy and nutritious is a great step towards having a beautiful smile. When you visit your dentist at your bi-annual checkup, be sure to discuss your eating habits. 
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