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Oral Conscious Sedation in Methuen Against Dental Anxiety

Dental phobias and dental anxiety are real issues that millions of Americans and patients around the world face on a daily basis. Genuine fears of visiting the dentist are much more than usually over-dramatized portrayals in the movies and destroy the oral health of patients on a number of levels. From not only the condition of their mouths, but how their mouths correlate to other whole body health is always a concern.


Luckily for those with some mild to even more severe dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation in Methuen is an option that has been proven to work for a variety of patients.


The process involved is a quite simple one. Dr. Sandler will write you a prescription for a medication you will take the night before your procedure, and then the day of. Two simple pills and you will be ready and relaxed for a number of procedures, including some such as multiple extractions and other cosmetic or general options.


As for your mindset, you will be relaxed and less stressed about the situation. The sedation allows for an easier application of numbing agents to be applied and for the actual procedure itself to go by without you feeling much pain or completely knowing how the time flies.


Oral conscious sedation has been proven to be effective and safe for patients of all ages, but there could be some issues that could make it not the best option for you.


It is, for this reason, an honest and well-planned consultation and discussion with Dr. Sandler is suggested before the procedure to assess and prepare accordingly.


For more information on oral conscious sedation in Methuen or to see if it is a right fit for you, call our office today at (978) 683-3343.


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