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Methuen Dentist On Dental Definition

Patient education is absolutely essential in the eyes of your Methuen dentist. We feel we aren’t doing our jobs thoroughly unless a patient understands what procedures are being performed and why, and how they can best maintain their oral health outside of our office walls. And even though we can educate you as well as the next patient in the exam chair, it may not exactly add up to a DDS or DMD degree.


We are all guilty of using complex terminology we are surrounded by in our professions. Where you, as a chef may say “flambé” without batting an eye, we may say “edentulous” causally as well. We never mean to alienate you or make you feel uncomfortable in these types of exchanges and ask that you always ask for us to clarify something if it is not clear.


Unfortunately, since all patients learn at different paces and in different ways- we know an on-the-spot inquiry may not be the best way for you to learn more. With that in mind, we have provided an online Dental Glossary for you to look over today: Click Here for More.


Even if you don’t know “occlusal” from “malocclusion”- knowing that regularly scheduled appointments with your Methuen dentist is key to good oral health. Call our office today at (978) 683-3343 to set up your next visit today!


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