Dentist Methuen The Health of Your Mouth

Dentists in Methuen on The Body-Mouth Connection

Correlations between the health of the body and the health of the mouth are being discovered more and more these days. Researchers and doctors alike are finding links between such things as stress and teeth grinding, gum disease and heart disease…amongst many others.


Even though we felt a great deal of these correlations should be no surprise to the readers of these blogs written by your dentists in Methuen, it is an invaluable topic worth mentioning at every chance.


With that said, your dentist in Methuen wanted to create a comprehensive list of links between your body and your oral health but found it difficult, at first, to provide the most information in the most digestible format. After some browsing online, we were able to find a trusted resource that not only delivered on this goal but also adds some visual appeal to the topic as well.


So without further ado, you can CLICK HERE to view a WebMD provided slideshow covering around a dozen of the most common oral health issues that can end up involving the entire body.


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