Dentist Methuen The Importance of Baby Teeth

Your Dentists in Methuen Emphasize the Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth


Although your baby teeth will eventually be replaced by more permanent adult teeth, they still need care and attention that should not be overlooked. Cavities and decay to baby teeth can have a negative effect on your mouth’s future oral health and also plays a role in the development of permanent adult teeth. If left uncared for, baby teeth not only affect how permanent teeth erupt but may also cause pain for the child if nerve damage occurs.


Oral care should begin for an individual before their first tooth even emerges. Parents can use clean water and a washcloth or finger sized towels to clean the gums and tongue in order to prevent fungus or oral thrush (a mouth infection) from developing. As soon as a child’s first tooth erupts, an immediate check up to your dentists in Methuen is recommended to prevent early decay. Decaying baby teeth can lead to infection, nerve damage, and loss of teeth too soon. Yes, baby teeth are made to fall out eventually, but if they fall out too early, there can be irreparable damage to the permanent teeth. It can cause permanent teeth to come in crooked or too crowded, which can cause further orthodontic expenses down the road.


Baby molars remain in the mouth until the average age of about 12 or 13, which is a relatively long time. You’ll want to take extra care of these baby molars since they will be in the mouth for a while. Dental sealants, a plastic coating placed on the chewing surface of molars, can be a great help for protecting vulnerable molars from tooth decay. It’s important to remember that baby teeth should be treated with as much care as permanent teeth.


Taking your child to regular checkups with your dentists in Methuen can help to prevent infections and nerve damage to baby teeth. By encouraging your child to brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day, you’ll help them to avoid a future of bad oral health. Your teeth and gum’s health are vital to your oral health and deserve great care and attention!


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