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Methuen MA Dentist Explains the Benefits of Smiling

Have you ever really thought about the significance of a single smile? For all the times we “grin and bear it” to be polite or try to look our most attractive…there are deeper impacts the smile we put on can have in our lives. Your Methuen MA dentist has the scoop on some benefits of smiling that you may or may not not have considered before.


Without a doubt, you always look your best when you are smiling. Your confidence and joy radiates, making your appearance and other’s perception of you at its most positive when you are ear to ear with a grin. Even in terms of physics, smiling frequently flexes muscles in the face, giving you a natural “lift” that keeps you looking younger, longer. Other people who witness a genuine smile can also perceive you in a more positive light, seeing you for who you truly are, no matter the circumstance. A single smile to the right person and the possibilities could be endless.


Not only does smiling look great in all your selfies you take or while trying to win the attention of another, but it can do so much for overall health. When we smile, certain endorphins and hormones react in our body to help battle stress, improve our mood and diminish pain. More smiling can also lead to a more relaxed immune system, so that when a problem does arise, it can spring into action quicker and more efficiently. That’s right- just by laughing, smiling and having a genuine good time we are setting our bodies up, even internally, for success.


And lastly, yes, smiling is contagious. It is very cliché, but around 50% of the people you smile at will smile back at you, so enjoy knowing you share all of these benefits with others.


Your Methuen MA dentist cares about your smile just as much as you do. Please make an appointment by calling (978) 683-3343 to ensure that significant smile stays beautiful for years to come. 


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