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Methuen MA Dentist Works Out Dental Hazards

Whether you are preparing to get that beach-bod ready for sunny months to come, or you are a habitual gym rat…the fitness of your teeth is probably the last thing on your mind while bench-pressing. Over the years, your Methuen MA Dentist has seen many patients who have both amazing oral health as well as whole-body exercise routines they stick to strictly. How these providers of bodily perfection can suffer from such serious oral health issues seems a bit, mysterious, indeed. However, as it turns out, two major factors correlated to exercise can put these patients at higher potential risk for various dental issues.


The first issue relates to consumption of something that is by no means exclusive to athletes, sports beverages. Though developed to “quench your thirst” and help you work out more efficiently for a longer period of time, the contents of these beverages could be detrimental to your teeth. Sure, some companies include vitamins and nutrients within these lavish liquids, but have you ever noted the sugar content? Many of these drinks rival soda or other sweetened drinks and snacks as far as sugar levels are concerned. Constant consumption can lead to bacteria growth and build up, cavities, gingivitis- so on and so forth. Drinking more water will keep you hydrated while you work out and help avoid these dental dilemmas.


Sports drinks are not the number one cause of dental issues, however…it is how you breathe during exercising. Mouth breathing is typically an uncontrolled, subconscious act we go to, especially when deep breathing or when “winded.” Unfortunately, this type of breathing can lead to the mouth drying out and saliva not being able to produce properly. Without saliva, our mouths lose a very essential level of protection, and can be wide open to tooth erosion, cavities and more down the line. Practicing breathing through the nose more often may not be easy, but can be achieved and be extremely beneficial.


Keep your mouth as fit as your body by taking into consideration these two issues, alongside maintaining regular oral hygiene practices and appointments with your Methuen MA Dentist.              

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