Dentist Methuen Value of Veneers

Dentists in Methuen Shed Some "Tooth" on Veneers

As dentists in Methuen, we see patients every day who are interested in a variety of cosmetic procedures we provide that can help benefit their smile. We believe a better smile can improve the whole person, and has a long-lasting, positive effect on both the patient and everyone they meet.


Veneers are a popular, relatively newer option (compared to some dental applications), that are used to improve the shape of size of the teeth. They are custom made, tooth colored, thin shells that cover the front of the teeth- typically made out of porcelain or composite resin materials.


Today we wish to share with you some of the times veneers may come in handy as a form of treatment, as well as their overall advantages.


Various circumstances can lead to patients choosing veneers as a treatment option. We have applied veneers for patients who have teeth that are stained as a result of age or various discoloring agents they may utilize in their diets. When it comes to teeth placement, such as crooked teeth or ones that have spaces between them- veneers can be used to help cover up space or correct the misalignment. Patients who have suffered chipped or broken teeth have also used veneers in order to conceal this unfortunate damage.


Besides correcting these aforementioned issues, veneers have many other advantages. Unlike our regular teeth, veneers do not change color over time and are stain resistant. Veneers are long lasting, usually lasting a decade or more, and are durable and scratch resistance. Lastly, due to their lifelike appearance, veneers are also go-to for many patients.


Every day, patients are coming to your dentists in Methuen to seek treatment for a wide range of dental issues they may have, and to attain their best smile ever. Make an appointment with Methuen Cosmetic Dentistry by calling (978) 683-3343 to see if veneers or the other cosmetic options we offer can benefit you.


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