Dentist Methuen What is on Your Toothbrush?

Dentist in Methuen Want You to Know What’s Hiding on Your Brush

Everybody knows that it’s a no brainer that brushing your teeth is beneficial for multiple reasons. We’ve been told to brush our teeth since we were children, and now adults are telling their children the same, important rules. But there are some facts about your toothbrush that you may not want to hear, yet should. Dentists in Methuen want to tell you about what’s going on, on a microscopic level, on your toothbrush.


Your toothbrush can be covered in many different kinds of bacteria just from being in the bathroom. If your brush is close to the toilet, then there’s a chance that whatever comes out when you flush may stick itself to your toothbrush. Yuck! Your best bet is to move your brush at least 6 feet away from your toilet.


But what if you have a cover on your brush? That should keep the bacteria out, right? Well, that might not be so helpful, either! Covering your toothbrush locks in all of the bacteria and moisture on the bristles, making it easier and faster for mold, germs, and bacteria to grow. If you really want to put a cover on your toothbrush, try and find one with a fabric cover. The fabric can absorb the moisture, but keep the bacteria out like a barrier.


Another mistake people usually make when it comes to brushing their teeth is choosing the wrong toothpaste. You want to get rid of the bacteria, right? So you buy antibacterial toothpaste to get them out. But what you may not know is that your saliva is already doing that. The toothpastes that say they’re antibacterial usually contain some sort of alcohol, but that kind of alcohol is unsafe for your mouth and can do more damage. Yes, alcohol kills the germs, but hurts other parts of the mouth, too!


One important thing to remember is to replace your toothbrush every three months, or until it starts showing wear and tear, whichever comes first. If you have any further questions about brushing, contact your dentists in Methuen at this number (978) 683-3343 and make an appointment today!


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