Dentist Methuen What to Expect at Dental Cleanings

Methuen MA Dentist Discusses Dental Cleanings

Tooth cleaning is one of the most helpful things a person can do to boost oral health and wellbeing. The process is painless, simple and quite effective. People who are afraid of a tooth cleaning session because of the noise the instruments make or the occasional discomfort need to realize that once they know about the process, half of their fears will evaporate. 
Here, the tooth cleaning session is described in simple steps to take the fear out of people’s minds with the help of our Methuen MA dentist, Dr. Sandler.
Physical Exam
In the first step, we will perform a physical exam of the entire mouth. This is done by using a small mirror as it helps in determining whether the patient is suffering from any tooth or gum related problems.
Removal of Tartar and Plaque
In this step, Dr. Sandler will eliminate plaque or tartar around the gum line by using a scaler. This step might involve scraping sounds which are quite normal. To avoid this step, a patient needs to brush and floss correctly. 
Cleaning Stage
After the mouth is free of tartar and plaque, the next step is to clean the teeth with an electric brush to deep clean the teeth. This step should be done about twice a year because overuse might lead to the removal of enamel. While deep cleaning is going on, a grinding sound is often made. 
Skilled Flossing
Skilled level of flossing is done at this stage to ensure that deep cleaning is done between the teeth and any potential trouble spots are highlighted. If these troubled spots are not highlighted at the right time, it might lead to gum bleeding. During skilled flossing, any leftover plaque, tartar or toothpaste are also eliminated. 
Rinsing Stage
Dr. Sandler will ask the patient to rinse the mouth and get rid of all the debris. The patient must swish for a few seconds to ensure proper and thorough removal of all debris. A tissue with liquid fluoride will often be provided to a patient to make this part of the process easier.
Fluoride Treatment
The last step of the process is the fluoride treatment, and it’s essential for all those people who are vulnerable to cavities. When a person undergoes this stage of the cleaning process, the treatment acts as a protective barrier that helps the teeth to fight cavities for several months.
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