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Dentist Methuen Why are teeth so Important?

Dentists in Methuen area discuss the importance of having teeth


It might sound intuitive, but it actually makes sense for us to know the full functionality of the teeth that have been with us for long. Here are some of the reason why teeth are essential to us:



Apparently, teeth are very important when eating. The teeth would grind the food that we eat to make them smaller and easier to swallow. It helps the food to be easily digested before it reaches down to the stomach.


Makes you look better

Aside from eating, our teeth help us look good. Based on a research, teeth are among our crowning glory.  It’s one of the main features that can make us attractive.



Having a set of healthy teeth can also help you boost your self-confidence. People who often smile are often tagged as sociable and easy to get along with. 



Another reason why teeth are important is speech.  Your teeth can help you make a variety of sounds. It helps you hold your tongue and form different tongue positions to pronounce different words.

Retain Bone

Your teeth can also keep your face in shape. They are connected to your jaw. Once you lose some teeth, your cheeks would sink, and this would make you look old.  It is very important that you see a dentist once in a while to avoid tooth loss which can lead to other diseases caused by decay.

Makes your jaw strong

Your teeth will help you keep your jaw bone strong. Your teeth are connected to your gums as the gums are connected to your jawbone. Tooth loss can cause misalignment of the jaw. This can be a really painful experience.



Having a healthy set of teeth is not only for sustenance, but it is also for better social allure and interaction. It is very important that we keep them healthy to avoid serious problems in the future.