Dentist Methuen Haverhill, MA

Have No Fear! Dr. Sandler is Proud to be Your Haverhill MA Dentist

When you're looking for a dentist, patients typically search for the closest office that can perform a simple routine cleaning. It's expected that you'll schedule the appointment, visit when it's time, and be on your merry way. Unfortunately, everyone's oral and dental health is different, therefore you could experience an unexpected emergency that this current office may not be able to handle. That's why your Methuen family dentist, Dr. Albert Sandler, believe it's important to create relationships with patients to ensure they're getting all of the treatment they need, whether they need it now or in the future.


Only a 10-minute drive away, Dr. Sandler's office offers numerous services that can be life-changing for patients of all ages. Whether you need a tooth extracted, your smile brightened, or even a tooth replaced, our office has the treatments that you need. Dr. Sandler has years upon years of experience, especially since he's known he wanted to be a dentist when he was in high school! He continues to attend lectures and classes to further his knowledge as dentistry continues to grow and makes the right adjustments that he thinks will be best for all of his patients.


In doing so, Dr. Sandler has made a "conscious" decision to provide oral conscious sedation at his practice. Fear of dentistry and dental treatment is extremely common and we strive to address our patients' fears and find the best option that will both make them feel comfortable and give them the improved, healthy smile they deserve. Dr. Sandler is a member of the Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS), which means he will sit down and have an open discussion with you explaining the process and answering any questions that you may have. Dental care is important for patients of all ages, but your comfort is a priority.


If you have any further questions about oral sedation or our available procedures, don't hesitate to call your Methuen family dentist, Dr. Sandler, and schedule an appointment or consultation for the best date and time for your visit.