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Approximately one third of the population of the United States is considered obese. This issue and the struggle should be no secret to anyone, but can often be not so popular to discuss.


The most commonly discussed issues related to weight are always the ones that are the most fatal. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more claim this infamous title unfortunately, but they can actually all have roots to oral health as well. As such, today your dentists in Methuen will discuss obesity as it relates to oral health.


One of the most “obvious” causes of obesity in our country seems to be how and what we eat. An unfathomable amount of our foods and drinks contain sugars and acids that both work towards the detriment of the teeth and the body overtime. One place many patients do struggle with this area is the identification of some of these factors in their diet.


Items such as pasta, rice, flour, potatoes may not seem as “bad” as a bag of candy, but do contain carbohydrates and other ingredients that chemically break down to cause decay and disease in the mouth. The fact that these foods are sold in such high quantities and for such a low price of course does not help either.


Also correlated to dental issues can be side effects of how we eat or medications we may be taking to battle obesity. Patients suffering with severe obesity may suffer from acid reflux or digestive issues, and this can actually harm the teeth. If these acids, that usually digest the food, make their way into the mouth- it can have similar corrosive impact. On the medication side, for all the advancements in pills or formulas we can take- a common side effect seems to be dehydration. By dehydrating the body or mouth, you also lose saliva production. Without saliva, dental dilemmas such as bad breath, decay and disease are more likely to sprout.


However you want to frame the issue or where ever fingers are pointed- obesity is a severe issue we must all face in this day and age. This article tackled some of the dental related causes, but really is just a small sampling of how obesity can harm your oral health.


If you have questions about your weight as it relates to the health of your mouth, make sure to talk to our dentists in Methuen about it at your next appointment.


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